“The Seventh Samurai” is without doubt one of the status quests within the Inazuma area by Genshin Impression, nevertheless it’s not that straightforward to unlock. So we’ll present you the stipulations for this world mission and the place you can begin it.

Unlock “The Seventh Samurai”

Earlier than you can begin “The Seventh Samurai”, you should first full the very lengthy “Tales of Tartarus” questline. You begin this at NPC Toranosuke, which is within the Kujou Discipline Camp north of the second island of Kannazuka.

This sends you to Xavier, who’s close to the northern teleportation level of Tartarasuna. The issue with this collection of missions is that it consists of seven missions, of which you’ll be able to solely full one per server day with Xavier. So it would take you no less than every week in actual time till you possibly can utterly end the Tartarus tales.

Subsequently are meets all necessities for “The Seventh Samurai” and you will discover the world mission in Inazuma.

Place to begin of “The Seventh Samurai”

The precise place to begin of “The Seventh Samurai is in Narukami. Extra exactly, it’s a must to go to the island to the southeast, that’s to say on to the island to the best of Inazuma Citadel. Xavier and Toranosuke are standing on the seaside to the northwest and you may already see the blue exclamation mark. We’ve marked the precise place to begin for you within the following picture:

World order begins at the marked point "The seventh samurai" (Genshin Impact).
The world mission “The Seventh Samurai” (Genshin Impression) begins on the marked level.

The world order itself is a small reference to the basic samurai film “The Seven Samurai” (1954) by Akira Kurosawa and never too troublesome. You must play the actor position for Xavier and put out some Nobushi enemies in entrance of the digicam lens and pose in some locations.

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You will have a time restrict for this activity, however it’s fairly beneficiant. As quickly because the film recording is within the field, you have already completed the job and you will get the following 20 popularity factors for Inazuma. Do you continue to have questions on “The Seventh Samurai”? So tell us within the feedback!